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About Us

Who we are:

    Hi! My name is Eric and I am the founder of Eriku, a company that focuses on making the best 1/12 scale soft goods for the figurine market. The name Eriku derived from the Japanese word 'fuku', which literally translates to cloth or clothing. Originally, I intended to name the company "fuku," but my brother pointed out that it looks too much like our beloved F-word. I agreed with my brother and Eriku made the final cut.

    I am a one man team at the moment (this excludes my mother who helps me negotiate with all the best tailors that we could find). Some of you might recognize me as a Figure collecting YouTuber (@ETFigureUnboxing), but similar to those out there, I am just a Figure collector who has an endless desire to buy figures to expand my collection.

    As proven by my product photos, I aim to do so much better than cheap Chinese knock-offs. All of our products go through an extensive process which includes choosing the perfect fabric/material, incorporating minute details, and making sure that the product has a perfect finish. We hire a highly skilled specialist from Taiwan who has had experience in making the barbie products for over 10 years. Customers will be promised with top notch quality products - I will NEVER sell anyone anything unless it I love it and it passes my high standards. I can assure you that you are paying for the quality and high skill labor, not just a piece of fancy cloth. That said, the company is still new and for those of you who are reading this right now, I hope Eriku can make it through its first, second, third or fourth product. I wish you guys all the best! Keep working hard and studying hard!